Aligned efforts to reduce insureds’ losses

DMC Risk Engineering is available to all of our clients. For each new client, we start with an onsite consultation session to identify key opportunities to reduce cost of risk. Based on the findings from the session, your assigned Risk Engineering partner will deliver a customized service plan outlining results and the best method for ongoing performance analysis to make continual improvements. 

DMC Risk Engineering™ focuses on:

Loss Reduction

  • Data to identify cause of your losses and the overall cost
  • Strip the extraneous, highlight the actionable
  • Identify low hanging fruit and assist in developing plan of action

Key Metric Reviews

  • Best practices
  • Coaching and incentives
  • Customized for personnel, operations, behaviors

Coaching and Culture

  • Governance
  • Process & protocol
  • Use of technology
  • Measurement of results & feedback loop


Your feedback is important to us.  We’d like to know if we  need to make improvements. If you are currently experiencing an issue, please contact us at feedback@dmcinsurance.com. We will work to resolve as quickly as possible.

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